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Dr. Ivory von Tickle ~ The Perceptive Piano Teacher

Dr. Ivory von Tickle graduated from zuh renowned Baden Baden Baden Conservatory in Kummerspeck, Germany after pretty much studying with zuh biergarten pianist, Herr Doctor Professor Otto Goldschmidt.

With Herr Doctor Professor's guidance, she earned zuh sought-after Purzelbaum scholarship und won zuh Kuddelmuddel Award, a top honor with her exemplary sloppy fingering und sometimes, almost-correct piano playing.

As the Herr Professor stated, "She was more or less a pianist.  I couldn't wait for her to graduate und watch her attempt to make her way into zuh world of piano.  She is a force of nature!"

Dr. von Tickle taught beginning und advanced students in her native Würtsberg until zuh world-wide pandemic struck in 2020.  At zat time she immediately saw she could share her unique skills with zuh world and jumped at zuh opportunity to teach piano lessons on zuh YouTube.  She kind of understands it.  Know your German Website!  



Cynthia Shaw, pianist, singer, actor, and writer lives in Brooklyn, NY. She was born and raised in Pueblo, Colorado and moved to New York to attend the esteemed Manhattan School of Music. Since graduating, she has dedicated her life to creating and performing. 


She is the writer and performer of her award-winning one-woman show, Velvet Determination, which is the story of her coming to New York as a young classical pianist.  The show recently won “Best Festival Debut” (NYC’s United Solo Festival), “Best Solo Show” (The Pittsburgh Fringe), "Best Theatre Production" (Galway Fringe) and "Best Personal Story" (Boulder Fringe).

Acting highlights include Mrs. Winemiller (Summer & Smoke, Terry Schreiber, director),Liz Fuller (Me and Jezebel, Kentucky Repertory Theatre), Arkadina and Ranevskaya (Mr. Chekov and Mr. Porter, Medicine Show Theatre, Janet Bentley, director) and many other Off-Broadway theaters in New York. Her film work has been presented at Cannes Festival Corner, The Film Society of Lincoln Center, The Soho International Film Festival and The Big Apple Film Festival, to name a few.


Music highlights include backup vocals for Paul McCartney (Carnegie Hall) and Björk (Riverside Church). Singing with the New York Philharmonic when they won three Grammy Awards and playing piano for Garrison Keillor and The Prairie Home Companion at Town Hall and on NPR.

Cynthia Shaw ~ Creator & Performer

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